COMNEXT (Next Generation Communication Technology & Solutions Expo)
June 26- 28, 2024
Tokyo Big Sight, Japan


Q1: I would like to interview the exhibitors, how should I proceed?
┗ A1: Please contact exhibitors directly through the Exhibitor Directory.    > Exhibitor Directory (coming soon)

Q2: How can I register as a press visitor for covering the show?
┗ A2: Please visit “Press Registration” page and follow the procedure. If you have not completed the registration in advance, Show Management may decline your on-site registration.    > Press Registration

Q3: I will visit the show with my colleagues, what is the necessary procedure?
┗ A3: Each person needs to register as a press visitor in advance. Please visit “Press Registration” page and follow the procedure.
          > Press Registration

Q4: Will I need to register each date of the show?
┗ A4: No. Once you completed the registration, you will receive a press badge which is valid throughout all 3 days.

Q5: How can I arrange an appointment to interview the show organiser?
┗ A5: Please contact PR representatives of the show.

Q6: Will the floor map be available before the show?
┗ A6: It will be available from 2 weeks before the show.

Q7: How can I register for the Conference for coverage?
┗ A7: Before attending the conference, you will need to complete your on-site press registration at the press room. After the registration, you will be able to attend conferences by showing the press badge and submit your business card.

Q8: Does Show Management provide VISA support for press visitors?
┗ A8: Show Management does not support VISAs for press visitors. Please refer to the "Guide to Japanese Visas" on the website of The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan.    >

Q9: How can I change my information after I finished Press Registration on website?
┗ A9: Please E-mail the PR representatives of the show and clearly state the information you would like to change.

Q10: I would like to take some photographs and film the show, will I need to register for this separately?
┗ A10: No. Upon on-site registration at the press room, please receive an arm band and wear it at all time when carrying out any photography or filming. If you would like to take a bird's eye view photo or video of the show ground, please contact PR representatives of the show in advance.

Q11: How can I get hotel information near the venue?
┗ A11: You can check the hotel information from the following link.    > Hotel Information

Q12: Is there free Wi-Fi available at the show?
┗ A12: Free Wi-Fi will be available at the press room and at the overseas lounge.

Q13: How can we distribute our magazines, newspapers at the show venue?
┗ A13: Please contact PR representatives of the show for more detail.

Q14: Where can I find the official show title and photographs?
┗ A14: Please check the "Show Outline" and "Photo Gallery" after the show, or contact PR representatives directly.
            > Show Outline    > Photo Gallery

Q15: I would like to become a media partner of the show. How can I proceed?
┗ A15: Please contact PR representatives of the show directly.

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